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DIY Natural Whitening for Your Clothes No Harmful Bleach

Bleach can do damage to your skin, lungs and overall health is inhaled, ingested or prolonged contact with your skin. 
Try using natural products to make Organic Whitening Mixture.
* Lemon Juice * Hydrogen Peroxide * Distilled Water * White Vinegar  * Baking Soda * Natural Sunlight
Make sure to wear proper protection - Gloves, Goggles, Apron etc!

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Turmeric Powder aka Haldi to whiten your Teeth Naturally

Turmeric is not only GREAT Natural Healing Agent! It is also Fantastic for Teeth Whitening!

Don't Be Fooled by the Bright Yellow Color! It will stain everything else but not your Teeth! :O

The Chemical reaction is similar to Baking Soda! Make sure to do in 2 minute increment. Make sure to use the powder form.