Thursday, December 24, 2015

Grilled Vegan Cibata Patty with Green Onion and heavy salad

Very Crunchy!

Grilled Veggie Vegan Sandwich with Ranch and Light Salad

Grilled Sandwiches are my speciality !

Indian Style Samosa With Pasta Vegan style

Yummy mixture!

Grilled Vegan Polish Sausage Toppled with Veggies


Open Face Grilled Vegan Burger With Ranch and Garden Hydro Salad

Salad all grown hydro indoors.

Grilled Onion Swiss Vegan Burger with Heavy Salad

Grilled to Perfection!

Bite Size Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Icing


Swiss and Gouda Vegan Mushroom Burger with Kettle Chips

I love veggie burgers

BIte Size Vegan Chocolate Cake Brownie with Salty Snack

Yummy! Perfect Size

Grilled Vegan Burrito with Nice Sides

Simple and Easy to Make. Check out the Recipe

Grilled Onion Vegan Cheese Burger with Fruit and Squash

Tasty and healthy

Garden Fresh Vegan Burger on Sesame Roll

very light and yummy

Grilled Vegan Cheese Finger Slices Pizza

Perfect Snack

Matri Indian Wheat Snack Meet Soulfulness

Yummy! Great to replace potato chips!

Grilled Cheddar Vegan Burger on Garlic Roll

Fast and Yummy

Grilled Vegan 3 Cheese Mushroom Works Pizza

Simple and EAsy to make and eat

Vegan Swiss Mushroom Garlic Onion Burger Beginnings


Vegan Swiss Mushroom Burger with Freshness

Great Dinner

Vegan Chili Ingredients

The Start of something Yummy!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Shhh I am also a Raw Vegan Fashion Tee

Shh...I am also a Raw Vegan Fashion Tee

BiVegan Fashion Tee

BiVegan Fashion  Tee

I smell Vegan Shirt

Cool I smell Vegan Shirt

New Transitioning to Vegan Blog

Meat Eaters Rejoice! Becoming Vegan has never been Easier & Tastier! 
Journey with us as we share tips & strategeries on becoming a healthier, happier and Vibrant Vegan.

Join us every Sunday with new recipes, videos, exercises and motivational tools to get you started in 2016! 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

First 2016 Ever My Vagina Box for Women Health

First 2016 My Vagina Box

Whoa! Love it!

My Vagina Box Special  $75        Regular $150

My Vagina Sample Pack $29       Regular $65 

Your Vagina is Worth it

No Harsh Chemicals
Pure & Naturals Ingredients 

Natural Product List:

* Organic Panty Liners
* Natural Shower Vaginal Cleanser
*  Intimate Vaginal Wipes
* Natural Panty/Vaginal Spray
*  Vaginal Itch cream
* Custom Curved Vaginal Shaver
*  Natural Vaginal Douche
* Fragrance Sachet 
* 33 Vagina Facts Card 
* Personal  carrying  Case 

Without the Worries of
Last minute store runs, Out of stock products or embarrassing checkout

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Yes I will Vegan With You Tee

Yes I will Vegan with you Fashion Tee

Vegan Bun in the Oven Fashion Tee

Vegan Bun in the Oven Fashion Tee

Peace Love and Vegan Tee

Peace Love and Vegan Tee for Women

Tofu Goddess of the Vegan World Tee

Tofu Goddess of the Vegan World Tee

100 Percent Vegan Buns Tee

100%Vegan Buns Tee For Women

Veggies are a Girl's Best Friend Tee

Veggies are A Girl's Best Friend Tee for Women

Vegan Beauty and Brains Tee for Women

Vegan, Beauty and Brains Tee for Women

Pure Bred Vegan Tee for Women

Pure Bred Vegan Tee for Women

Every Woman Loves a Vegan Guy

Vegan Tee For Women 

Lean Green Vegan Machine Tee for Men

Vegan Tee for Men

Talk Vegan to Me Tee for Girls

Vegan Tee for Women

Friday, November 6, 2015

DIY Natural Whitening for Your Clothes No Harmful Bleach

Bleach can do damage to your skin, lungs and overall health is inhaled, ingested or prolonged contact with your skin. 

Try using natural products to make Organic Whitening Mixture.

* Lemon Juice
* Hydrogen Peroxide
* Distilled Water
* White Vinegar 
* Baking Soda
* Natural Sunlight

Make sure to wear proper protection - Gloves, Goggles, Apron etc!

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